About Justin Criner

     Justin Criner and his family moved to the northern Virginia area after practicing primarily in Charleston, WV. Justin’s main area of practice is and has been criminal defense: trying cases ranging from traffic offenses all the way to first degree murder. Also during his time in Charleston, Justin regularly practiced in the separate domestic violence court established there and worked numerous cases as either petitioner or respondent to domestic violence protective orders. Within a few weeks of practicing in Charleston, Justin noticed that those being jailed for failing to pay child support were not given an opportunity for legal counsel and helped successfully challenge this long-standing practice. Subsequently, Justin worked many of those child support arrears cases for the next year, negotiating with and challenging the Division of Child Support Enforcement.

      In total, Justin has handled thousands of cases to their conclusion, including: various misdemeanors and felonies, probation and parole revocations, and the various issues that come up in family court. He is excited to apply his skills and experience to any issues or questions that you may have. However, at the end of the day, Justin Criner finds the most value in helping clients and families navigate through the terrible situation which caused them to reach out to an attorney in the first place. Feel free to call today to find out more.

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