Family Law

     At Criner Law Office, we understand that legal disputes amongst family members are highly emotional and make decision-making a more difficult process. Allow us to review your case practically and independently, as well as provide the personal and professional support needed to navigate the turmoil of the process. The Criner Law Office can provide clients with the counsel they need for most family court matters in Stafford and the surrounding areas.

Helpful links for family law cases:

Guideline for Determination of Child Support
Grounds for Divorce
Department of Social Services FAQ

Criminal Defense

     The Criner Law Office understands the stressful situation someone finds themselves in when charged with a crime, and is prepared to take on the task of protecting you from your own government. If you are facing criminal charges, you cannot afford to hope that your attorney has prioritized your case and will aggressively protect your rights and your future. The Criner Law Office has defended numerous criminal cases of most variety and is ready to put our skills and experience to work ensuring that your rights are adequately defended.

Helpful links for criminal defense cases:

Virginia Judicial System FAQ
Code of Virginia, Crimes and Offenses
Code of Virginia, Criminal Procedure

Consumer Protection

     If you have been a victim of consumer fraud, deceptive business conduct, or harassing debt collection practices, you need to understand that there are laws in place that protect you and provide remedy to your situation. We understand how intimidating it can be for a consumer to take on a business or a collector and we are here to help you navigate the process and find peace of mind. The Criner Law Office is prepared to fight to protect you from unfair practices and seek whatever remedies that the law may provide.

Helpful links for consumer protection cases:

Virginia Consumer Protection Act
Lemon Law
Tips and Info, Attorney General Website


     While some jurisdictions need not concern themselves with jailing those charged with traffic offenses, the northern Virginia area has a reputation for aggressively pursuing traffic offenses with possible jail terms. At Criner Law Office, we take these cases seriously and we urge you to do the same when seeking an attorney to protect your rights.

Helpful links in DUI/Traffic cases:

DUI Subsequent Offenses and Penalties
Specific Procedures in Traffic Cases
Virginia Code, Motor Vehicles

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